Fundraising Assessment

About the Assessment:

Be empowered to confidently and clearly communicate your organization’s fundraising performance to your board and your team so that, together, you can unleash even more potential and dramatically impact those you serve.

As a member of the Impact Institute, you receive an all-access pass to the Impact FundingLogic™ fundraising assessment and customized report that will help you quantify and make better sense of your fundraising efforts. This is an evidence-based assessment is built on the very best science. These questions and your report will assist you in your quest to take your fundraising to the next level.

Application of the Assessment:

The assessment is comprehensive and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It captures a wide range of topics from essential information regarding your nonprofit’s current performance, to details of the effectiveness of your donor recruitment and retention strategies.

When you’ve completed all of the assessment questions, you’ll gain immediate access to your fundraising scores. Armed with this information, you’ll not only be able to compare your results to regional and national averages, but you’ll also be able to compare your scores against the top 20% of assessment completers that are high-performing organizations.

To help you further interpret your scores, we’ll also email you a comprehensive report filled with useful information that will help you take your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts to the next level.

Additional Information About the Assessment and Membership:

The assessment is one of 12 extraordinary benefits that will help you create an even greater impact for those you serve. It is based on a proven system for fundraising known as Impact FundingLogic™. Over the course of the last decade, thousands of nonprofit executives have attended FundingLogic™ sessions and, as a result, become more effective fundraisers—increasing their impact exponentially. The link for the 2018 Impact FundingLogic™ Fundraising Assessment will be sent to new member organizations in June 2018 as part of the Institute member application process, and to veteran Institute member organizations in August 2018 as part of the application process for Giving Hearts Day 2019.

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