Here for you, the Impact Institute works to expand the results of charity organizations through assessment, training, and coaching, particularly around fundraising. We teach a proven system for fundraising and we foster a network of organizations that share ideas and best practices that result in leaders increasing their impact exponentially. There are 12 extraordinary benefits available throughout the year to our members that form a pathway to even great impact.

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The Impact Institute team is dedicated to helping you unleash your potential. Each Impact Institute team member brings expertise and experience to effectively support the mission of helping others to do good, even better. We are driven to work tirelessly in creating and curating resources on behalf our member family.

Impact Institute Team

Pat Traynor

Executive Director Meet Pat Traynor

Scott Holdman

Director of Training and Transformation Meet Scott Holdman

Jessica Offerman

Executive Manager Meet Jessica Offerman

Tanner Olson

Special Projects Coordinator Meet Tanner Olson


Impact Institute is a capacity builder. We help our member organizations build their own capacity to thrive and resolve challenges themselves. Rather than providing the proverbial fish that feeds a person for a day, the Impact Institute teaches our members to fish, so they are “fed for a lifetime.”

Evidence of the value of the Impact Institute pathway can be seen in the Giving Hearts Day results of 67 organizations that have been in the event for five consecutive years and participated in both training and coaching resources. These highly impactful organizations have doubled their event results from $2.5 million to $5.1 million, and this is just a snapshot of success. These organizations apply Institute concepts for year-round fundraising success.

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