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$71 million dollars raised since Giving Hearts Day's inception


Put resources at your fingertips to increase your organization’s fundraising success.

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Put resources at your fingertips to increase your organization’s fundraising success.

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The knowledge you will receive and learn will take you to new heights in fundraising goals…the numbers don’t lie. The benefits alone make you a success before you start. What a blessing to work with such an amazing group of individuals.
Anna S. — Domestic Violence Crisis Center
I appreciate all that the Impact team does for their member nonprofits… Being a member of Impact has provided me and my Foundation with a variety of leadership and fundraising opportunities for the past 13 years. I know in my heart that together we have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined.
Kent B. — RiverView Foundation
Being a part of the Impact Institute means having a community of great minds motivated towards improving the communities where we live and work. It helps nonprofits connect to others supporting the same people in many different ways. We all learn from each other’s perspectives to grow our individual impact. Since working with the Impact Institute I have met many like-minded people doing so many great things. As an individual, I’ve become more involved with organizations outside my own, and have had others step up and help me to move my organizational goals forward too. Without the Impact Institute, some of these partnerships might never have happened.
Marie M. — Bridging the Dental Gap
The Impact fundraising training has been, and continues to be, so valuable to us. Participation in Giving Hearts Day and using the FundingLogic fundraising model go hand-in-hand. Personally, having time to sit down one-on-one and bounce ideas off of the Impact team and discuss best practices in fundraising has been really helpful.
Stephen R. — Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization (HERO)
Our ten-year relationship with the Impact Institute has allowed us to realize much more than we would ever have alone. They also help us believe in ourselves. They have given us the tools to be extraordinarily successful fundraisers by utilizing their training, technology, staff, and support on Giving Hearts Day and all the year-round. Thank you Impact Institute.
Jill F. — St. Gerard’s Community of Care
I wish there was a way to put it all in words, I am so grateful. Personally, it has been from the beginning that Impact Institute has walked with me along the way – with all sorts of opportunities to enhance my skills as an executive director.
Anna F. —Red River Children’s Advocacy Center
The most beneficial part of the Impact Institute is not only their willingness to meet with you, but their eagerness to want to genuinely help your organization meet its full potential. They are always there to strategize, coach, or simply support you with words of encouragement.
Eric W. — The Anne Carlsen Center
The Impact Institute has given Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics tools, resources and most importantly inspiration to think about fundraising differently. Each training and conversation with Impact members and staff brings a new breath of excitement to the meaningful but sometimes exhausting work we do as a nonprofit. Each time I am able to connect with the Impact Institute, I walk away with ideas, inspiration and a plan to put the ideas into action!
Kari S. — Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics