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Giving Hearts Day

Giving Hearts Day is one of the most effective fundraising giving days in the country. It is held in a 24-hour period, but the charitable causes that participate work all year and the effects last even longer.

This high energy incredibly impactful day makes space for charities to share their stories, connect with new and current contributors to make an even greater impact together! It is a gateway for people to connect to causes doing good work in areas they passionately care about.

More than $71 million has been raised through 12 consecutive Giving Hearts Day events. It’s an amazing accomplishment by the participating charitable organizations.

AMAZING  Results

In 2019, 477 nonprofits raised a collective $16.3 million from 67,765 donations by 30,675 individual donors within 24 hours.

With an outstanding average of 39% new givers to participating charities, this event, for many, has nearly priceless value, with returns far exceeding those of traditional fundraisers, such as galas and direct mail.  

Giving Hearts Day is more than just a day. It’s a time to flex the fundraising skills charities gain through Impact Institute training and coaching.

APPLICATION for Greater Impact

What makes results like this possible are the amazing causes that make up the membership of the Impact Institute. A truly remarkable mix of charitable causes making a profound impact, which can be witnessed on by the Impact made through Giving Hearts Day.

As a member, each participating organization is part of a network that is actively collaborating to support each other and are participating in a highly impactful training and coaching process. This process contains both training and coaching in a fundraising system for attracting and retaining donors that establishes a platform for fundraising results on Giving Hearts Day and well beyond.

Additionally, application of this training is realized immediately has every organization is required to test and refine their fundraising skills by securing an initial matching gift before event day of $4,000 or more to inspire others contributors on the day.


Save the date for Giving Hearts Day 2020: Thursday, February 13. It is co-hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation, and Alex Stern Family Foundation. 


To ensure that organizations are valid nonprofit organizations and prepared to stage a Giving Hearts Day campaign, some basic standards must be satisfied. Participation is gained through an annual registration process and all organizations reapply every year to verify continued eligibility.

For more information on criteria and participation for Giving Hearts Day 2020, please contact

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