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Your Next Steps to Greater Impact

You and your team are busy making a difference and working very hard at it. You desire to be more impactful, but there are so many demands on you.

By enrolling as a member of the Impact Institute, you will be joining with hundreds of organizations that are dramatically improving their fundraising results, increasing board engagement, growing their leadership ability and preparing for the future through one-of-a-kind opportunities like Giving Hearts Day, where in 2018, 401 charities raised a collective $13.1 million from over 28,000 individual donors within 24 hours. Our participating member organizations gained an average of 39% new donors through this 24-hour giving day!

Your membership includes a wide range of benefits, but is presently focused on fundraising. Through Giving Hearts Day, one of the most effective giving days in the country, we provide a platform for our members with utilize the skills they gain in our trainings, coaching sessions, and support.

By becoming a member, you will be taking the first step in a transformational experience that will lead to profound results for the people you serve.


Benefits of Membership

12 extraordinary benefits that create the path for greater Impact:

  1. Fundraising Assessment and Customized Report:An all-access pass to the Impact FundingLogic fundraising assessment and customized report
  2. Participation in a Peer Connecting Rev-Up Group:A pass for you and one team member to participate in a Rev-Up Group
  3. An Exclusive Copy of the Impact Insights Annual Fundraising Report:A printed copy of the Impact Institute’s annual report on the state of nonprofit management and fundraising
  4. All New FundingLogic Fundraising Trainings:Admission for two team members and unlimited board members to attend a FundingLogic Fundraising training
  5. Turn-key Access for Giving Hearts DayTurn-key acceptance and access for you to take part in Giving Hearts Day
  6. Admission to Giving Hearts Day TrainingsAdmission for two team members to attend Giving Hearts Day trainings and unlimited access to webinars
  7. Access Giving Hearts Day Coaching ServiceAccess to the Impact Institute’s expert coaching services for Giving Hearts Day Fundraising Success
  8. Admission to the Giving Hearts Day CelebrationAdmission for three team members to attend the Giving Hearts Day celebration
  9. Access to High Impact Training EventsAccess to the Impact Institute’s numerous in-person and online high impact trainings
  10. High Impact ResourcesAccess to the Impact Institute’s latest collection of resources such as toolkits, templates and case studies
  11. Online Giving on ImpactGiveBack.orgOnline giving year-round for your organization at the region’s largest source for online contributions
  12. Volunteer Listings on ImpactGiveBack.orgPost volunteer opportunities year-round to recruit the talent you need to move your mission forward

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